From Memories to Perspectives

As with any profession that endures I believe you should exercise self reflection and decide whether there might be a better way.  I had a thirst for scrutinizing my interview technique in the early years of my career and I had decided that the composite art field (forensic art) had been stagnated with the same old tried and true methodology of creating sketches from reference images.  Even though I had had the fortune of being mentored by Tom Macris from 1992 - 1995 I was still feeling isolated among the dedicated forensic artists that work on cases everyday across the US.  In 2010 I was invited to deliver a workshop on my methodology to a gathering of some of the brightest minds in forensic art today.  What stuck with me in that morning presentation was the comments of disbelief on being able to create a sketch with any value without reference images.  The workshop was a huge success and many of the artists were amazed at their abilities and more importantly intrigued at how easy it was.

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